Wiring and grey sleeving


Jan 28, 2022
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Maybe you guys have come across this website before , I noticed they have Grey sleeving etc , and other helpful wiring products.

Perhaps you may want to post this useful link here:

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Last fall I did order this grey sleeving from Vintage Connections. One should note that the sizes on the website are not accurate. I ordered the 8MM, but the actual measurements were much larger (see below pic 1 and 2). I wrote the company, and they told me that the sizes are in fact off. They were very good about it, and promptly sent me the smaller 7mm size sleeving. I did install my wires (see 3rd pic). I soldered on a longer pull wire to one of my switchgear wires, and slightly staggered the lengths of the remaining control wires and bound them with tape. With the end of the pull wire secured in my vice, I was able to slide the sleeve over the switchgear wires with some lube and a little heat to make the sleeving more malleable. It was a tight fit. This product is thinner and more malleable than the original sleeving, with a slightly more metallic appearance, and it shows the outline of the wires within. I would go this route if, and only if, I could not clean up the originals with brake fluid.

Picture of OD "8mm" sleeving
Wiring and grey sleeving

Pictire of ID "8mm" sleeving

Wiring and grey sleeving

The "7mm" sleeving installed
Wiring and grey sleeving
Have they made corrections to the tubing product sizing ? Looks like the 8mm you have shown , might be close to 9.5 id , I dought if pvc sleeving would be measured the same as steel tubing on the od ?? , not sure ,sizing is off alright, end result of yours looks good , the original grey british stuff must be pretty good quality as it seems to last well 45-50 years and only dis-colour a little , and that can be sorted , Cheers .
I do not see 8mm listed on their site, but if you purchased that size using their dimensions they have changed, so maybe all good? I ordered the 9mm (http://www.vintageconnections.com/Products/Detail/90) and followed up with an email to them to ensure the size is correct before it leaves the shop. Will report back on the sizing when I receive the sleeve. Thanks for posting this vendor, very useful.

EDIT: Just received a reply from Matthew at Sparck who says:

Our sleeving is made in the USA and is actually in Imperial sizes. In this instance, our 9mm sleeving is 3/8" or about 9.5mm. Our next smaller size is 1/4" or 6.3mm

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Just a quick update - I received the sleeve yesterday - a comparison is shown below. I can use this for my current build because it is not strictly original, but it is a bit glitzy and would have looked right on any '70's UJM.

The new sleeving could probably slide right over the old. Or, replace in its entirety. Either way the old bullets will be snipped off and new ones crimped in - this will let me adjust the length of the harness for each console.

Last post on this I promise! I do not think many would go this route on their Commandos, but if you do, here is my final work. I slid the cover over the existing so it would not appear like a bag of wires if I had removed the original sleeving. Found that the OEM wires are tightly wound in a spiral using a small black plastic thread inside the packed wires. Also found the wires to use a C-309 bullet advertised as 9 strand (~24g?).

Wiring and grey sleeving
Wiring and grey sleeving
Wiring and grey sleeving