Wider Swing Arm for Commando

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Jun 11, 2005
Hi Everyone.

Looking into applying wider swing arm for bigger rear tire on Commando. Been in contact with "swingarm.com" and they manufacture a swingarm for a Commando that will take a 150 width tire.

Asked if there would be any rear chain alignment issues with additional width, swingarm.com didn't know.

Anybody have any experience with alternate/wider swingarms and alignment issues with rear chain?

Dukester :idea:
Dear Dukester, MANY people say 'Too Big A Rear Tire Makes Our Machines Hard (slow) To Turn' good luck!
It will still foul the chainguard, and the bike doesn't need a wider tyre anyway.
I am running a 120/90 X 18 with a 530 chain and a custom chain guard on 72 Combat.

Clubman Racing has been working on a new swing arm that will accept a 130 tire. That'll probably work with a 520 non o ring chain.

I imagine anything larger would require drive train mods.
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