Who loves their Fastback, but hates their seat?

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Nov 12, 2004
I'm looking for innovative seat solutions for Fastbacks. I find the stock seat too fat, too high, and I never like those silly "ears" hugging the tank. Has anybody replaced the seat and/or cowl with something cooler--like a cafe arrangement? Most cafe style replacement seats tend to fit the roadster length tank. Just opening the subject for conversation.

Chris, I agree the seat is a little bit of form before function, but you gotta love the bike for what it is and the seat is part of what makes the Fastback unique. My only complaint is that the seat is a little wide, but OK. If your seat has the proper density padding cut at the original height, it should be fairly comfortable. I have a seat with excellent original padding that's comfortable and a restored one with too light of padding and it feels like I'm riding on the pan after awhile. It looks nicer, but it's a pain in the @$$. I have a very knowledgeable and experienced seatbuilder do my seats and they are great. He's not responsible for this seat. If your seat is not original you might use this as food for thought.-Rob
fastback seat

Chris, try glass from the past. Google it, you will be informed with some options for your fastback.
My Norton project bike uses a Fastback tail piece with a High Rider tank.

I made a form out of a piece of sheet metal then applied layers of fiberglass to it.

It turned out pretty good. I took the seat pan to an auto interior place to have it uphostered. Again it looks pretty good.

I can't tell you how comfortable it is as it's only been a few miles from home. I'm just finishing this project.

I still have the form as I plan to redo the seat pan.

I could send you pictures if you wish.

You asked for unique solutions.

BTW the Fastback seat at Glass from the Past looks good.

Anyone have any experience with these?
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