Where does this go?

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Dec 5, 2005
Hello all,
We the restoration of my 850 & my mates 750 are now in the fun stages, hopefully all the dirty hands, 2K paint under the nails and clothes that smell of cleaning solution are behind us. Or am I having a pipe dream and once we get the b_ggers going the real fun is about to begin!

Anyway could you kind folk assist with some detail stuff on component positioning.

Positioning of electrical components; rectifier, capacitor and blinker box on the lefthand rear panel of the frame.

I cannot figure out which bit goes where, all came apart easy enough.

Thanx in advance, this won't be the last question.

RichardS :lol:
Typically the selenium rectifier is bolted to the frame plate at the back of the battery box and inside facing forward. It is bolted thru the hole closest to the battery box cover. The capacitor is bolted next to it closer to the frame spine. The turn signal flasher is bolted on the mudguard side of this plate and high up.
Hope this helps.
Sensational, thanx Ron.

The blinker box goes on the backside of the frame plate, now that makes sense, is one of the holes in the frame plate grometed to allow for the wiring to the blinker box, sorry?

Cheers Richard
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