Where do I get reasonable carburetor parts?

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Oct 18, 2008
Hi all,

I just bought my first Norton Commando 74 Roadster. Its a complete unit but needs a bit of love. It has been sitting for the better part of 20 years. I have been hunting for a carb rebuild kit incluting the brass and the needles because I happen to be missing one of the needles and also missing both needle clips. Any help would be great. E-bay has a few but nothing really complete. I would like to find one or two vendors that have all I need. Thanks again!!!
Hello DenisJ,

Any good Norton/British parts supplier (such as Rabers) should be able to sell you what you need?


Amal manufacturer's (Burlen Fuel Systems UK) website: http://www.burlen.co.uk/ - useful for identifying parts and finding the Amal part numbers etc. (>order spares).
I live in San Mateo so Rabers is kind of my local dealer. Take a trip down there and you will enjoy spending the time, they have some neat stuff.
Their web site isn't up to their place in person.
Amal still makes new carbs and rebuild kits. My local guy carries a ready supply of both.

The kit does not come with jets or needles - you need to get them separately.

As I remember, the rebuild kit comes with the float bowl inlet valve, bowl gasket, new air screw and o-ring, bowl drain gasket, needle clip and manifold o-ring. 7 pieces in a little plastic bag with 'Amal genuine spares' printed on it.

New 932s are about $200 apiece.
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