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I am looking for a good source for performance wheel components for a '71 commando that will see some track time. Can anyone point me to a good supplier for rims, spokes, hubs, etc. Preferably alloy and stainless components.
Two come to mind - Buchanan's in California (www.buchananspokes.com)and Central Wheel in England (www.central-wheel.co.uk)
Either can supply stainless spokes and nipples and alloy rims drilled for Norton hubs. I can attest to the quality of both.
I believe Walridge in Canada sells Central Wheel items or you can order direct. Buchanan can be ordered direct or through several dealers (Old Britts?).
If you are looking to replace the brakes and hubs, Grimeca makes a nifty four shoe brake and hub if money is no object. Otherwise any Japanese or Italian unit can be adapted with enough ingenuity. The Suzuki four shoe unit from a 'Water Buffalo' is quite popular, though heavy.

Ron L
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