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Feb 22, 2007
Anyone know of a good wheel-builder who could make alloy wheels to fit a 71 Norton, both front and rear, here in the U.S. or Canada? My bike is well nigh sorry in the wheel department. Also, curious as to what I can expect to pay? Can't be cheap, I know. But trying to build one myself may not, obviously, be any cheaper, after factoring in time and inevitable mistakes I'd be making. Alas. I'm talking a front disk brake and a rear drum. I also have no idea if there are other wheels that might fit the Norton, such as Triumph or BSA or Royal E. or Matchless, for example (Ebay does have its virtues). If I could purchase something straight out like that, well.... Does our beloved bike, in other words, share any common configurations with more mainstream (and therefore less expensive) manufacturers?

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If you go through Walridge Motors near London Ont. Jock will be building your wheels, good man He has built 16 or so wheels for me. The prices are fair.
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geo46er said:
Check out www.buchananspokes.com for parts or the complete job. There are others, but, these people are well known

CNW (used to get Buchanan to do their wheels) is now offering wheel building services as well.

I'm getting my wheels from Matt at CNW in the next month or so.
Thanks, all. I'll be checking into all the sources you folks referenced.

Cheers, Wrench
wheels a turnin

One more for good measure, Billy Johnson @ Precision Wheel Service in Tennessee,phone # 615 - 789 - 4688.
Good Luck. James.
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