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Aug 8, 2005
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Does anyone have the wheel bearing Numbers for the Sealed Double row bearings used in place of the 4203 17 X 40 X 16 Double Row Deep Groove Ball. I think Old Brits sells them but they are slightly wider and the hubs need to be machined to suit these? I would like to see if I can get them locally.
I think they are 5203 and the inner ring is longer than the non sealed. I got that from a local bearing mob, bloody expensive critters though. Maybe the non sealed is cheaper.

Regards RichardS
Yes RichardS. I have saved the good standard bearings and plan to still use them but the one that lived in the Brake Drum was growling and I thought that I would convert as the case by case situation presents itself. These bearings are expensive regardless of being sealed or open.
Interestingly the earlier 73 model that I am assisting my mate rebuild does not have the double row in the disc side of the hub, they made do with a 6203 each side. The hub is different and the bearing spacer is also. I can pick-up these for around $5 each, but the 5203/4203 qre more like $40. This is in Australia.

Cheers Richard
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