What's wrong with this bike?

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It is strange that nobody who has owned it has really ridden it very far. Although Kenny Dreer Nortons are generally well respected, this one looks rather too standard and conservative, also the list of work done is more or less what any competent restorer would do. In short it looks like a well-restored standard Commando and as such the price is probably set too high.
I think they photographed the wrong bike, if I'd spent that much money on a bike I would have used it a lot more and kept it :cry:
I don't like those big holes in the disc either, but they are on plenty of vintage race bikes. I like smaller holes, drilled in a conservative pattern.

I DO NOT like drilling or cutting out the Z-plates.

It's probably possessed and needs to be exorcised... come to think of it, I think ALL Nortons are possesed and need to be exorcised. Mine would break things all by itself even if I was not using it.

It's not mine and it's the wrong color.

Seriously, it has probably gone around to non Norton people who don't understand em.
IE. wet sumping, weak electrics etc.

Just because it has been restored by a master, doesn't change the fact
IT IS STILL A NORTON!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p :roll:
I think there are too many jazzed up bikes being pedaled for ridiculous prices and with modifications that are not necessary. I have put about 30k miles on my stock 71 Commando. It never fails me, nothing ever falls off it, it pulls like a mule, always (well nearly) fires up on one kick, goes around the turns well, doesn't stop too well, and gets middling maintenance. On top of that, I have had it for 7yrs and paid $3500 for it. Say no more.
That is unfathomable. To own this bike and only put 32 miles on it is just plain insane. At 60 mph that's only a 1/2 hr. ride!

I put more miles than that on my cousin's Buell when I took it for a test ride and I was only gone 20 minutes.

Let's see... $10,000.00/4 months= 32 miles. Yep, that's insane.
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