What paint for commando cylinders???

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Mar 1, 2007
I just purchased an 850 Commando with only 2500 original miles. Problem is the idiot I got it from left it in a leaky shed for 10 years. It is in pretty good shape and will need new paint and polishing. I have removed the top end to re-ring it and to check cyls and valves out etc. etc.. It looks great inside with no rust. There is a little oxidation on the cyls and I would like to paint it with an original looking black paint. What heat proof paint should I use and how do I prep the cyls before painting??? Also should I sand blast or bead blast the head to get her looking good?? Thanks for any help. You guys have been great!!!
If you really want to get it right, blasting followed by stove enamel is the only permanent answer.

I had my cylinders done about 15 years ago and I clean them by spraying with WD40 followed by degreasent with a toothbrush !

What paint for commando cylinders???
Oh, forgot to mention, the best thing for the head is vapour blasting followed by ultrasonic cleaning. It closes the surface of the ali up instead of leaving it open. :)
I wanted a gloss finish on my cylinders. I used engine enamel from a spray bomb. The cylinders don't get hot enough to cause problems with the paint.

Look good; last long time!

That is a really clean looking motor.... I see you've got scores of stainless bits as well. Nice!

Heat proof paint is unneeded on jugs. Just some Gloss Black Dupli- color
Acrylic Enamel from many auto parts store will last for years. The less paint the better though. Because of the work getting the old stuff off we tend to go over board on this. This stuff is resistant of gas ,oil, chips. Bake it on by running the bike.
PJ1 engine case paint is a good option. Available in gloss or satin black.
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