what is this?...

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Jul 18, 2005
right above the oil junction. the ball with a clip that seems to hold it in place

what is this?...
The black primary looks pretty nice! I've been thinking of doing that with my bike. Would be a nice match for the black chrome exhaust I'm thinking of buying.

I have an extra outer cover, think I'll have it powder coated...


Be careful when powdercoating those primary covers. I've seen a couple attempted and the castings are so porous that they come back with voids and bubbles all over them. Also, the pores tend to be hard to get al of the grease/oil out of and they cause adhesion issues.

You'll want to check with Matt at CNW and see how he gets such good results. (I'd be interested to know what he says.)
Hi Driggs,

Indeed - I see that unusual looking round cap. It looks almost like a points cover off an old Harley Pan Head. Perhaps the points have been relocated???

Hmmm... Harley points cover... seems entirely possible.

We know its not a Mag. No plug leads and there's clearly a coil under the tank.

It *is* an older case with a timed breather on the drive side (though it appears to be capped). Maybe its an Atlas twin with the magneto converted to points? Just a guess.

You'd need to make a custom points cam for the HoG unit. Seems like a lot of work to reuse an pre-Commando twin.

Is there a pic of the timing side?
That 'ball cover' is what I would regard as a fire hazard ~~

Some thing to do why they moved them ~ to the front of the timing cover ~ eh ?
Yes, it's definitely the distributor found on the '68 and early '69 Fastback. It was also used on the P11 and very late '68-69 Atlas and G15 with points ignition. The drive gear and caps for these things are extremely hard to find. If any one has one laying around, please let me know. I have a half dozen distributors and only two caps and and three drive gears.

I guess Matt must have moved the crankcase vent on this one. I see the braided steel line coming from the back of the crankcase. Not sure if it is the rocker feed or a vent. Looks like the timed breather is either not plumbed or blocked off. Curious!
Wish mine looked that clean....wonders of having enough extra cash to play with. Maybe someday.....

What has been done to the isolastics...some kind of chrome work...but then isn't it open to the weather and dirt...quick wearout?
so were in somewhat aggreance its the points cover? im too lazy to email cnw and its fun to have people debate over this stuff!

There are a few curious things about that bike:

- The 20m3 engine in Roadster trim with late model model side covers. Most, if not all, 20m3 engines were installed in Fastbacks. Roadsters & S models used the 20M3S engine

- No Isolastic gaiters?!? Looks like the isolastic hardware was chromed.

- Strange looking plug in the cam breather, looks like the port is empty.

- Crankcase breather hose sweeping up by the oil lines, wonder where it connects to the crankcase?

- Late model side stand and center stand, nice touch. But of course, CNW!

Very Interesting....

Derek Wilson said:
- No Isolastic gaiters?!? Looks like the isolastic hardware was chromed.


I've seen several CNW bikes locally and they all had the same exposed/chromed iso collars. Must be how he likes to build them. It does look sharp, and I guess you wouldn't take such a pretty bike out in the rain anyway! :wink:

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