What is the preferred wheel and spoke material?

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Apr 2, 2008
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Right now I have stock wheels that are in so so shape. In trying to decide what to do on an upgraded wheel, it seems like there is a multitude of choices. I'm just not sure of the pros and cons for the different materials and finishes. Also, what about the dimple vs. non-dimple thing?
I went the CNW hubs and Buchanan wheels route and haven't regretted it - pricey, but a worthwhile investment.

I believe all rims are steel, and spokes as well although you can get stainless spokes.

Dimples are purely a cosmetic thing I believe - you like the look, or you don't (same with "shouldered" rims). I prefer the simpler look of non-dimpled, non-shouldered rims, but tastes vary.
I like the DID rims and stainless steel spokes, looks nice won't rust. Buchanan has them in stock and they can even custom make just about anything you need. My Norton project has an 18" rim laced to a Suzuki water buffalo drum (they were 19" from the factory). I even went to a WM3 when stock was WM2. My back wheel is a Ducati hub laced to WM4 rim in 18" diameter.

I think the wider rims suit modern tires a bit better, but that's me :D

Color or finish is up to you, but you can't go wrong having Buchanan's polish your hubs and build them up for you with their polished stainless spokes.

I had Buchanan's set mine up with 18" aluminum rims. http://www.buchananspokes.com
What is the preferred wheel and spoke material?

Though not everyone's cup of tea, I thought the black looked nice with my black frame and yellow tank, panels, fender. It's a slightly updated look, while still using spoked wheels.
What is the preferred wheel and spoke material?
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My good DR. that is one sweet looking Commando. I think the black rims really work with it and that 2 into 1 pipe looks great too.
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