What is the best way to get all of the old oil out?

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Apr 2, 2008
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When doing an oil change, what is the best way to get all of the old oil out of my early 850 since I have an inline anti-sump valve? I also have a spin on filter. I am able to get most of the oil out but what is left in the lines sort of contaminates the new oil.
I like to run an oil change with a lighter grade of the same brand and type of oil I'm about to change to, through the old filter. Take it around the neighborhood gently, 10-15 minutes.

Then, drain it a second time, change the filter, and fill 'er up with the final new oil.
Don't disturb the anti drain valve oil lines unless you re-prime them with fresh oil before restart, you can remove the oil filter, drain it and replace as long as you can live with a possible leak past the rubber gasket which may not like being disturbed or destroying the filter which always seems to be the only way to get it off. .
I have always felt that the proverbial 'tea cup full of oil' must remain in the crank when oil-changing as per the book.

For this reason, I always leave the oil filter off after an oil change, overfill the oil tank and start the engine. The dirty oil from the crank and oil lines gently dribbles / runs out of the filter housing and it is easy to see when it changes colour to fresh. It doesn't take all that much oil.

Provided that a careful eye is kept on the oil level, I can't see any problem with this practice.

In order to get the oil tank completely empty if you're not removing it (which I would recommend once a year), it is necessary to pull the bike over quite steeply and then use a clean absorbent rag through the strainer opening
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