What electrical componets????

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Dec 27, 2005
Hey all im back and i was wondering as one of the main faults in british bikes are the lucas parts can someone give me a run down on all the electrical componets that i should replace.

Thanks in advanced
Number one would be the rectifier, Lucas converts all the AC into DC, new ones from Radio Shack are$ 4.00 U.S. they convert the amout required by the system. This takes some stress off the Zener diode and dilivers more constant even power. Next make sure your Blue can condenser is working well it evens out power dips, old ones that don't work rob power. Spark plug wires and good tight spark plug caps. All the old female bullet conectors are most likley bad they get brittle and the metal inside snaps. Recheck all your Grounds to frame and engine also head light harness. Rebuid your handle bar switches a good clean and grease does a lot. Last but important ing. switch.
Or get rid of your rectifier, zener and capacitor and fit a tympanium unit or a Boyer Powerbox. I've had the Boyer Powerbox on mine for three years and no charging problems. I figure the less components I have, the less troubleshooting I'll have when something goes wrong.

I too have run the power box with cap. many years no problem. But I hear that Down Under they have a fail rate that has caused some concern. The question was, what's wrong with the Lucas stuff, Didn't need to start another electroic ing. thread. I still am able to run the old coils if I wanted and am still using the alternator the Lucas stuff isn't that bad and a lot of it's re-buildable. Without a money gun it can still be a good set up but the rectifier and the old non working blue cans got to go.
well norbsa there is really nothing wrong but it has a homemade loom and the bike is not running a bluecan or the warning light asimilator and i want to get rid of the old electronics and update to the 21st centuary. so i might put on a boyer elctronic ignition and a power box either boyer or podtronics. is the warning light asimilator needed or not and what componets does the power box do away with other then recitifier???

also i am running the standard alternator with two wires coming from it will i need the single phase or the 3 phase.
The power box has the blue can inside. Because it can go bad over time some like to put the blue can back in separate with a pod. or a typtan. Warning light is another can on the old system the guts are points they work on both my bikes but there are modern replacments with LED's. Your alt sounds stock to me two wire single phase. Again both my bikes run stock just fine the LED tail lite is a big help. I have been thinking on relays but you have to find a place for them. Sparx has it all now high output alt single and three phase, electronic ing. with fresh coils, and a pod like unit. In the States they provide a good cheap system.
so power box is recitifier, zener diode and blue can capacitor all in one but you recomend putting in a seperate blue can 2mc capacitor and with the warning light assim what does it actually do??? and will the standard alternator run the electronic ign and standard tail light and indicators and headlight as these will be future upgrades.
Right on the power box... So pod, blue can, Assim., Stock alt, LED tail light. Assim lets you know that your not charging your batt. That is all. LED one lets you know the same thing in finner incearments. Also you get to give the can the boot. The stock alt. can just do the job with an LED tail light and a mid grade halogen head light.
can you give me some links to where i am able to pick up all the stuff i need as i dont want to buy it from a couple of different places to keep postage down. thanks so much for your help. :D
Black/gold750Comando said:
At NORVIL they have the Halogen Headlamp and bulbs can you tell me what is the difference between the Left Hand and Right Hand units???

'Left hand' units are meant for use in countries that drive on the left, as the dip (low) beam has a bias to the left, the R/H type is needed for those that drive on the right

Also with the boyer do i use this one for a 750 commando http://www.norvilmotorcycle.co.uk/066982.htm this is the standard for 1967 onwards???

Yes I'm sure it is, although I personally think the Boyer Micro-Digital type is better.
http://www.rockypointcycle.com/ Stan Smith has it all and all the stainless steel you could ever need. He carries blue cans, pods, Danna dual output coils, Copper leads and NGK boots, any Boyer you need.
You will need to email him re: shipping overseas to get a feel for the cost.
If it gets too pricey try http://www.britishspares.com/ in NZ I got a package including a fender from them here in the States shipping was 22.00 I couldn't belive my eyes. It costs rhat much to ship two tee shirts from here to there.
BG750C - A fellow Aussy has compiled this complete list of improvements to make http://users.bigpond.net.au/nortonfan/tips.htm ... Rocky Point is a GREAT source here in states if you cann't find localy.. Stan is one heck of a guy!

NORBSA, thank you for the britspares tip, I've been shying away due to shipping costs but will recheck.. ofcoarse with the dollar tanking???????

Stay safe yall............
If i add these electronics to my bike will it improve starting time and reliability.

Boyer Ignition,
Podtronics Power Box,
Halogen Headlight,
Led Tailight,
New Blue Can: Capacitor 2MC

Thanks Julian.
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