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Aug 6, 2005
I've been a lurker around here for a few short years and every Spring and Fall I come back to read about the great things commando and I just think a big thanks is deserved to all who provide guys like me with this forum, the information within and the overall friendliness of this place. Over the years I've belonged to a lot of different groups, lists, clubs and forums and they all seem to be lacking the decency/respect this place has for all who visit even if the person doesn't have the same degree of knowledge so many here seem to have. I admire the owner of this great place for all of his efforts, dedication and the cool site he maintains for everyone to visit, learn, agree and disagree. The bike he owns is spectacular and makes me drool everytime I see a picture. Anyway, sorry to babble on, but I just wanted to thank everyone here for making my Commando ownership successful and overall a happy one.

Safe riding,

I'm newer here than you and I'm just getting back into Nortons from 20 some years ago. I'm totally beside myself about this site and all the people on it. I'm regularly amazed by the internet and this site and where the Norton motorcycle has evolved to as a result of this and the great innovators who also lurk here.

I'll second that - BIG THANK YOU ALL!

Thanks to you Nortons don't just live on ... they breath friggen fire!!!
One of the best examples of what you speak of are the oil and tire threads, On some of the sites I go on this is sure fire disaster. People will always have different opinions about things and being able to respect that is lacking on a lot of forums, Not this one. This is the first place I go to when I fire up the laptop, GREAT bunch of guys here. I would also like to say thank you for all the help that has been shared with me. Have a great day and ride safe, Chuck.
I'm in full agreement - great contributors and an all around great forum. I couldn't have enjoyed my Commando to the extent that I do without the assistance from people on this board. THANKS!!


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Ditto, many many good ideas and knowledgeable answers from lots of people all around the world.

Thanks everyone for the help I have received.

Add me to the list of admirers. I joined early last year and I have learned a huge amount since then. My Commando is more reliable and nicer to ride because of the expertise freely given by forum members. Thanks to all. :D
I, for one, couldn't own and maintain a Norton without the resources this board offers. And given how much I love my Snorton, I am very grateful to all who offer expertise, experience, empathy, and sympathy here - they are much appreciated.
And despite all of the great stuff it has the fastest server of any that I visit. I read it every day and reply once in a while. My bike seems to be fairly bullet proof as she rarely falters so I just ride on.
I know that the 71 basketcase wouldn't be back on the road without this forum: thanks to all: and , to underscore what others have said. too many forums turn into flame wars or sniping and I don't ever recall this being the case here:

thanks again;

Yes sir have to agree with you all. The best kind of knowledge out their for the nortons . Would never have been able to progress this far on only the service manual. The guys on this forum always willing to help and with tons of experience. Its always better to learn from some one else's mistakes and these guys have done it all ! M.C.
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