Wanted: used license plate bracket

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Jun 17, 2009
the "ears" on mine have fractured and broken off, a new one looks like $75, too pricey

mine is the smaller pre 73 tail light, don't know if all commandos used the same license plate bracket

anyone got one lying around to get rid of ?
I think that's the part that always breaks off. Are you talking about the 'ears' to mount the turn signals? They're subject to a lot of stress, between getting bent if a turn signal is bumped, and mainly the vibrational forces. I doubt you'll find one with the ears intact.

The one on mine had been repaired at least once, and was still broken when I got it. Mine is the later model, however, for the larger rectangular lens. The replacement was $56 last year.
I PMed you about having one but don't know if it worked. Do you still need one?
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