Want to trade? Front ends that is!

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Sep 25, 2004
Hi, I'm new to the forum. I recently bought a '70 Fastback, my first running/riding Commando since 1983 and it's about time; nothing else like 'em! The bike is quite nice but has a later disc front end upgrade. I was wondering if anybody in Commandoland has an early front end they would like to swap for this before I start collecting the various pieces. If you don't need a swap but would like to sell your front end, let me know also. Email to rlees@calpoly.edu. Thanks

You should hang on to your disk brake front end until you purchase & ride with the drum brake.

You may just change your mind, unless you really prefer the look of the drum brake over worse braking .

You could always put the original brake on for special occassions though :!:
Good advice from nortonfan! The drum brake sucks. I'd say don't do it unless you want the bike all original for showing or something. If you plan to ride the bike, keep the disk front end.

Thanks for the replies. This bike is a casual rider and I have a lot of experience with vintage drum brakes including Commandos. I just want to return the bike back to it's original state so it looks like it did when I first saw the Commando. Besides now I can take my new Triumph Thruxton out and pretend it's a Commando with good brakes! I remember 20-30 years ago arguing for hours with Triumph guys about how much better Nortons were, "now I are one". The Commando's my first love. I'll let the forum know when I off the disc front end. Thanks, Rob
Rob: Just saw your post (I only check in here once in a while). I believe I have what you're after--drum brake front wheel (complete and in usable condition, but I can't brag about the chrome on the rim) and the fork legs to go with it. I put a disc on my '73 and won't be going back, so I don't need your front end in trade. E-mail me at tom_mccarroll@yahoo.com if you're interested in buying the set-up. I'll e-mail you some pics and then we can talk price. I'm not in the business and am not looking to retire on the proceeds, but I'd like to get the stuff out of the garage and into somebody's hands that wants it. This is prefereable to eBay!
Hi people!

Whoops! According to Le Emery’s quote (Norvil) the disc brake is even worse than the drum brake? A tls drum brake properly set up should gun out a single disc brake anyway? I have got a disc brake on my ’72 Norton and as I have now ridden a ’69 Commando 750 S, I would prefer the drum brake. NO wooden feel to it at all. Not even mentioning the far better look of it as well...! Go on, Rob, I know you want it...

Talking disc brakes: when I was in the alps/dolomites last year (me, my wife and luggage) on my ’76 BMW R 75/6, I found the single disc at the front doing okay. Just needed a good squeeze and it stopped sooner or later... :D
forgot to log in...the „guest” is me: Matt from Hamburg, Germany.
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