Voltage Monitor

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Jul 10, 2004
This is a very handy accessory, tiny in size and only $26.00. I mounted one on my new electrical junction box just ahead of the instruments, now that I have a cafe fairing and a "pancake" headlight.

If my battery is weak it will actually flash along with the turn signals, showing that I'm below 12V.

"The BackOFF "Heads Up Voltage Monitor" is pure simplicity. The single tri-color LED will show five different ranges of voltages:
Flashing Green (Above 15V)
Steady Green (12-15V)
Steady Amber (11-12V)
Steady Red (10-11V)
Flashing Red (Below 10V)"

Cycle Gadgets carries this unit; they are great people to deal with.
http://www.cyclegadgets.com/Products/pr ... tem=BOVOLT

Be careful - they have other cool things that you could be trapped into buying!
Stuart Ostroff :D

Fortunately, my MK III has an alternator warning light and a kick starter. However, I have a second bike that is electric start only and it did not come equiped with an alternator warning device. On this bike it’s imperative to have a fully charged battery at all times.

I’ve been stranded twice on my second bike because, unbeknown to me, the battery was slowly discharging while ridding. So, I purchased a gizmo nearly identical to the one you mentioned. And after over one year of service, I can enthusiastically report that it works great and is worth every penny!

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