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Can anyone help me find out exactly what my bike started out as? When I got it the title said Norton Commando RDS, some lazy clerk along the way removed the word "Commando" and I didn't catch it at the time of course... but my vin # is 151789, also it's titled as a 1972 but we know that number is for a 1971 production year bike, long trip across the ocean I guess,lol. So I guess my question is ; if it is a Commando Roadster, what sheetmetal ( or fiberglass in my case) should it have on it? And is there anyway to detuormine the model through the vin #'s?
Thanks for your input Sherm
The Norton Owners Club in England ( has access to the factory production records. Maybe they could help. "RDS" certainly sounds like an abbreviation for "Roadster" so perhaps that's what it is. If so, the bodywork should look like the bike in the upper left corner on these forum pages.

In 1971 there were four models, Hi Rider, Fastback, Roadster, and for a short time, SS. The frames, forks, engines, wheels, and transmissions were the same. The proper tank, fenders, handlebars, and seat were simply added to the next rolling chassis in line. So to answer your question, no, there is no way to tell from the VIN what it original model it was. Perhaps in the original build records. When I was involved in the NOC translation of build records, I seem to recall them saying that Commando records were not model specific.
The last SS was supposedly 150723, so your build was after that.
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