Venders we use and British marketing

mean gene

Dec 21, 2020
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Recently I purchased swingarm gussets, I thought, I got one. My fault, supplied per each. But you would not use just one, so I reordered, I ordered one. With that order I ordered mushroom adjusters, I got four as needed, and supplied as four. Another vender, I purchased a folding kicker, the boss came without a pinch bolt, it is not the same as Norton supplies. The kicker itself came without the pivot bolt again not a standard part. The kicker also has a hole for a spring detent, none was supplied! Same vender I purchased a Dave Taylor head steady. It did not include the socket head bolts needed to mount tower to cylinder head, again not a standard Norton bolt. I emailed latest vender and explained I was not jumping up and down screaming mad, but was disappointed with the lack almost everything needed! They did not even acknowledge receiving the email! No explanation of how to install a spring detent or if one could be. I am fortunate in the fact I am only minutes drive to a great hardware store that has a large selection of bolts. As far as the spring detent I can probably make something work. But their lack of concern about their products is concerning and 'IF' I have a choice will use another vender for my next purchases!
I was told a couple of decades ago from a local British store that British venders think us Yanks are too demanding and picky....
Not surprised you got no response, and probably won't....
I'm at the point I'm just happy to get parts, and deal with whatever...