Valve seat cutter

bryan_woods said:
Does anybody know what to look for in seat cutters?

:) A skilled operator ?

I haven't done DIY for years but the old ones used to skip and chatter ever so easily even when cutting cast iron. How many heads are you thinking of doing ?
A skilled Operator may be the hard part. I haven't found any specialist in Melbourne that work on British bikes as yet. But if anybody does know of one please let me know. Hence I thought I would do it myself. From my understanding you don't have to take off too much with the seat cutter. Maybe I'm underestimating the skill required for the task?
cutting valve seats

Hi Bryan,
Any automotive machine shop should be able to cut those valve seats for you. Most are equiped with a variety of sizes, and all they'll need are the standard 30, 45, and 60 degree angles.