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I,m new to the forum and am finding lots of tips to help me upgrade. I have 1976 850 commando which I bought seized for $500. Since then I've had the engine rebuilt and have installed boyer electronic ignition. Next thing was sprag broke.Looking for any suggestions of upgrades in priority. Thought about replacing the two 6v coils for one 12v and as sugested upgrading wires to the ignition. wish I'd read the forum before my boyer.excellent forum.
Not another boyer basher..............sheeeesh.
You deserve points, send me your useless boyer please.
They work fine in my nortons.

They say millions of catholics can't be wrong either.

The famous "they" often have no clue Mr norton850.

Maybe, just maybe your boyer will be just fine if it is like most.
There are some that are into voodoo & try hard to destroy our precious ignition system, just make sure you bless the installation of it with a couple of bourbons. That keeps the demons away.

I had a flat tyre last weekend, never use bridgestone tubes...they suck.

Almost forgot....................welcome to the forum :D
Was he bashing the Boyer? I didn't get that sense.... Damn you boys are so touchy on your Ignition Preferences ...... And afterall is it really anybody's business? What a grown man and his spark plugs choose to do in the privacy of their own garage doesn't conern anyone but themselves. Now I'm not saying that it should be legal for a man to marry his spark plugs (or his Boyer for that matter) but I am sternly against any ammendments to the Constitution forbidding such matters. Afterall the Constitution was written to protect our liberties, not restrict them.

What the heck was I talking about?

Anyway, my bike came to me with a Boyer in it. It's old, kinda melted around the edges and the label is peeling off. It works like a champ.

And that's all I have to say about that.........
Not open for further replies.