Ultra rare Commando!!!!!!

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Jan 14, 2004
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Anyone interested in a 1973 650 Commando???
E-bay of course. From a cycle shop no less.
The older I get, the more amused I become.
Wow!...I heard of a couple of them back in the 70's, being built in Connecticut...they blasted all other the bikes off the test strip, but the builder stopped doing those conversions up....at 650 HP, Connecticut wouldn't let him put one on the road...something about endangering wildlife or something. I have to look and find the article from " Bad Bikes".
Please send me the URL, maybe if I put in a smaller intake manifold and weld the exhaust a bit closed, I can get the Germans to give me plates for it. Do you think I could get the HP down to about 150 or so? That's about all they allow here. If not....I can always just put it in my livingroom and let my guests drool over it...not everyone has such a rare machine. Have a nice weekend...and don't forget to send the URL!
O.K. I'll give it a shot.

Well, I tried a copy and paste. Can't seem to do it. Here's the item # 4550003686.
It's in E-Bay Motors USA.

Looks like a 72, 750 Hi Rider to me.
I’ve always been intrigued with and a sucker for old unmolested British bikes. And this High Rider is no exception. It even has what appear to be the original fuel lines. I’m not so sure about the fenders though; it looks like someone has cut off about six inches or so from each one.

And I’m not so sure about the price. Five thousand bucks is a lot of money for something that will require another $3,000 or more to put in respectable condition.

I, too, will have to let this one get away :cry: .

Yeah it's a honey and I would jump on it except it probably doesn't have the original air in the tires. I don't want em unless they're ALL original.

Jason; You may not have checked the exchange rate for dollar to pound lately, $3000 is probably going to be more like $6000.

Hey Scoot,

No problem on the exchange rate; the Texas dollar is trading damn near one-to-one with the Colorodo dollar.

Jason :wink: [/code]
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