Triumph W.7A bearing alternatives?

Jul 31, 2009
I need a pair of 37-007A (W.7A) tapered rear wheel bearings for my TRW and the "cheapest" I have found is $135.96 EACH!.
$272.00 for a pair of wheel bearings is a "bit" high, has anybody found any alternatives?

hi it has not been made for a lots of years now if u can find them u will have to pay the price or do a mod to what u have good luck p/s i think the uk guys still has some old stock parts i will see if any of my guys have any ironjohn
I "bit the Bullet" and put them on my Burton Bike Bits order, at least they are NOS, English-made. They were "only" 88GBP each which is apparently a good price.

I did find an ebay UK seller who recaged Chinese bearings to work but they were 50GBP and there is NO WAY I would buy Chinese Bearings!

There used to be a Timkens made but they seemed to have gone away.