Triumph Sprint ST 2004

Jerry Doe

May 21, 2003

I just bought one of the new Triumph Sprint ST's to supplement my Commando. What a great bike! :twisted:

That is a sweet bike. Power, comfort, storage a plenty & it handles, just a great overall package. A buddy has one, an 01 I think. He's had Ducs, BMWs and Harleys. Says he'll never go back.

Did you try a Duc ST2/4? They are very comparable. The Duc is a bit lighter and smaller overall. I've ridden an ST2 on a couple of ocassions, very capable machine.

Hope your weather is better than ours. Rain rain rain all month. I'm waiting for spring to bust out. It better be here next week, 1st track day of the year on the 21st. :D



I looked at the Ducati, and other comparable machines, but none of them had what I wanted in a sports tourer.

Luckily the weather is nearly always good here.

Well I have 350 miles on it now, and am very impressed. 8)

So much so I am going to dedicate a whole section of my Norton Commando site and Forum to the ST.

This is a well thought out machine! More to follow, and feel free to post here untiul I get this ST section up and running.

Send me your photos..

Hi Jerry,

I just stumbled in here from the Norton part of your site.

I bought a new 2003 Sprint ST (Caspian Blue) last September and I love it. I managed to get it nicely run-in plus a bit more before the weather turned really cold.
It's `hibernating' now that the snow (and road salt) has come. I have ridden more in the last couple of months than in the last several years! It was a great way to get out and enjoy the fall colours.

I will enjoy winter but I'm looking forward to those few warm days we get in April.

Thanks for the whole website and hope you are still enjoying your Sprint.

6000 miles on my ST

I have 6000 miles on my ST. I still think its great.

All I have done is added a Sargent seat. They are worth every cent/penny.

It seems the faster I ride this bike the more it likes it!

My girl friend comes touring sometimes, and she is comfortable.

Seems I dont go anywhere under 95 mph.

I really must take the Commando out for a blat soon. :roll:

Hi again. :D

First day of spring and the snow and ice is melting from my driveway.

I've been looking at the Sargent seat as well. Also the Corbin, of course.

Did you consider the Corbin seat?

My wife is actually considering coming with me (she has never been on a bike before - never got her on to the back of my Commando) so I was thinking the Corbin with the `back-rest' might be a good idea.

Sorry for the late reply - I have the `Topic Reply Notice' sent to an account i should use more than I do.

Sprint ST 2005

Hi Jerry,

CalBMW/Triumph had and open house today. All demo machines were up for test rides and I took out three - 1050cc Sprint St, Speed Triple and the Thruxton.

The Sprint ST is the machine to have if you already have a Commando. Instant response, good handling, but a little agressive in the riding position for me.

The Speed Triple is exactly what Cycle World called it "a hooligan bike".

The Thruxton is also too agressive in riding position. If you already have a Commando, no need for this machine.
Jerry; I also have a Sprint ST a 2002 Sapphire blue one with bags.
It's a great bike, last sepetember I went on a 1800+ mile six day ride with my two riding buddies.
We went all the way up HY 1 from Ventura county to Eureka, rode HY 36
try it if you're in the area, what a ride, it was done before they discovered
road graders. IT follows the terrain with lots of elevation changes.
then we rode HY49 down to Jackson CA and did two sierra passes a day for two days ending up in Yosemite valley. The Sprint ran flawless from sea level to9000 feet, and coming home on HY99 and I-5 at 75 mph I got two tanks of gas at 51>53 mpg.
I would put any bike fron Hinkley(Triumph's home) against any other bike made anywhere.

Bill Edwards Simi Valley,CA. :D :D :D
8000 Miles and running strong

I gotta tell you I still love my ST.

I am using it for work, sports touring on the weekends and serious high speed fun.

The Commando is still great, but in the garage. I have ridden it only a few times this year.

I changed the seat on my ST to a sargent and that was a very good move, overwise it is still stock. It hasnt missed a beat, a pleasure!

I have new plans for the Commando now. It is coming to bits sometime and going back to almost original. [chuckle] :lol:

I cant go to original thats dumb. Why would I change a Norvil head steady to a stock one, or put the front brake back as it was and many other things.

I am going to keep the Cam and Mk2 carbs as well as other performance un noticeable parts. I am going to put the forward camplate back in gearbox and put stock pegs, so I can keep my quaiffe close ratio 5 speed, and am going to keep my alluminium rims. Oh what, perhaps I will keep it all just change pegs and raise the bars a bit more.

Who knows, its time for a new look and riding position on my commando!