Triples rally Caloundra 28th-1st Oct

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May 22, 2004
Only one week to go and the inaugral triples rally is looking huge..

"Snibor" the chief organiser has assured me there is some 13 plus Commandos registered as well and I may have to opt to run a Commando or a T150 to the resort on the Friday when I fly into Brisbane ~
(I have a T120 to ride on the two rides, thanks to a mate in Sydney ~)

We have Phil Pick, Stephen Kelly of Trispark and paul Bryant flying in for the event ~ and all booked into a fantastic resort hotel (which bought forth a flood of wives and partners as well !!! :lol: )

Looking great !!!
Well the Triples rally was total success with some four days of chewing the fat and talking Brit bikes.

THERE Were 13 Commandos listed on the anticipated.. Never saw a Commando all weekend ~ very disappointed ~

Highly recommend the TDU 2008 ~ to any and ALL ~!

I was offered the use of a mates T120 and I received a lot of comments on the way I was obviously "having a great time on that bike !" ( I like to throw the bike/s around and use my share of the road when well clear of others ~ )

I live 1800 km north of Caloundra and I was pressed for the four days as it was ~ BUT NEXT year I AM taking one of my bikes be it the Commando or the T150V ~

I was asked to join Phil Pick (UK & Triples Guru ) , Steve Kelly (Tri-Spark ignitions) and Paul Bryant (Viking Exhausts), to judge the bikes on the Saturday which was quite an honour ~

The peoples choice was a Supercharged A75 BSA Rocket .. and we as judges insisted he recieve a one off award for the pure eccentric/ curiosity factor!
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Or if you just put in the tag search "Triples Down Under Caloundra 2007"

Oh and the "RatBags " ~ one of their members who posted a nice selection of shots ~

(You may have to join the site to acess the page though! )
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