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Jul 12, 2015
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I've got a 74 T150V that needs tires. It has original rims and Dunlop TT100 4.10x19 tires. I wanted RoadRiders MK2 but searching the Avon site there is no equivalent in RoadRiders. They do have AM9 which is a tread like the TT100 but that's not what I want. So, what tires do you have on original T150V or T160 rims and are you happy with them?
I thought Roadrider 19” universals were the popular choice ?
To me, they are. But 100/90x19 is equivalent to 3.50x19.

4.10x19 is between 110/90 and 120/90 and AVON does not make either of those in 19" RoadRider MK2 according to their web site.

All my Tridents have 4.10x19 TT100 tires so I have no experience with 100/90x19 on a Trident. I do on Nortons. Therefore, my question.
Well I don’t have any experience with ‘em on a Trident either Greg, I ran 19” Universal Super Venoms when I had mine.

I’m sure someone will be along soon who has…
I have a 19" Roadrider Mk2 on the front of mine - 100/90 - works for me!
I have posted this before but...
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