Trashed 74 850 Commando Parts bike For Sale with clear title

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Mar 1, 2007
When I bought my rebuild bike I purc hased another of the same year 1974 from the same guy. I do have a clear title to it. It is a totally trashed out bike. If nothing major fails on my rebuild I want to sell the parts bike which is almost totally disassembled. Here is the very bad. The heads are shot and the cylinders are still stock bore and maybe honeable with one broken fin. ??? If need be they could be bored to the next size up. The frame is good but some idiot did a very pooor hack job of sanding it in areas with what looks like a die grinder??? Carbs are shot. Wheels are shot--front wheel usable as a rider. front caliper restorable, It has the front and rear fenders but some dings. Seat is junk. Basically you would be getting a matching frame engine and tranny. It needs just about everything else. It has the pegs and z plates. The tailight asembly. the forks and triple trees. Headlight shell is shot. Rear brake drum hub rebuildable, chainguard shot, shocks shot, wiring harness usable??, battery box, original aircleaner, All of exhaust is shot. I can send you pics if you are interested. The crank is free and the rods turns freely. primary and timing cover still on engine which is mostly all on frame. I believe the bike has about 10 thousand orig miles on it but I am not sure. Speedo good but tach shot. It is restorable but a Major project. I would like to see it rebuilt rather than parted out but It is close to trashed. The engine and tranny--frame numbers match. The tranny is likely good but not tested. It is a MKIIA 1974 and you would have to come to Texas to pick it up. I believe what I have is worth maybe 500 bucks. Let me know if you are interested but it is a really really bad parts bike. Thanks again---Mark Cigainero
Bike is in Fort Worth Texas

I am in Fort Worth Texas on the East side. Maybe this weekend I can get some pictures of it. It is like the scarecrow from the wizard of OZ--A little here--a little there
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