Total seal rings

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Jun 14, 2007
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Anybody used them in a Commando? How'd you like 'em? And where'd you buy 'em?

Thanks - Brian
Make sure you have the required back clearance. I had a set get smeared. Called them, and they said that the groove depth wasn't exactly consistent on some pistons. The solution is check, get the groves machined, or have them make up a special set. I chose the later. Their rings at the time were made by Hastings and it took a while. They do say in the directions, if you don't have the right clearance then you've got the wrong rings. That said, they are great for seal and reduced blow-by. More power, less problems with crankcase pressure, and oil contamination is reduced. They pretty much do everything they say. BTW, the tech guy there said regarding break-in: Ride It Like You Stole It.
I used a set of their gapless 2nd rings on my 750 Ducati racebike . Haven't run it enough to see how they do in the long run but the idea makes alot of sense to me . I sent them the rings and they modified the 2nd rings to make them "gap-less." As an aside they lost a set, and replaced them promptly . ( Excellent customer service) I'm pretty sure that the rings for my 880 Commando are of the gapless type also . I know they are total seal rings . I'll ask Leo this week and confirm .
I have not used Total seal rings in my Norton, but I have used them in other mc engines with good success. A Cheney BSA with a B44 engine, and a BSA B44 Shooting Star, both engines sealed up well, use little to no oil and do not leak. I also replaced the rings in my BMW R75/6 it too sealed up well and uses very little oil. These ring sets use the two piece 2nd ring and three piece oil ring.

Ken G.
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