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Hi Everyone

I took my bike to the Ace Cafe Norton day in London last Sunday which was an excellent day. Following a small rocker cover leak, I now realise that it's wise to carry a few tools ( to save borrowing from others :oops: ).

Question is - where's the best place to keep them? I've got glass fibre side panels that don't look very promising. I was thinking about one of the under seat tool trays that came with the later 850s but am not sure if they fit on my 750?

Any ideas much appreciated.
Hi Kevin,

I just read an article about the Ace Cafe in a Royal Enfield newsletter (I also have an Indian-made Bullet). Sounds like a cool place.

I was thinking of adding the grabrail to my bike so I could attach a little toolbag. Wouldn't offer any theft resistance though. At present I just take a backpack along and put the toolroll inside. Works ok but I have to take the pack every where I go. Tools - don't leave home without them!

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It was a damn fine day at the Ace & yep it can be a cool place to be. I a few tools in a bum bag, (though I doubt you US types would call it that, like a wide belt) issued by the Underground for carrying train keys/lamps etc around. Unless I'm traveling very far in which case Carol Nash is your best bet.
The fiberglass sidepanel will hold those tools fine.

Afterall, how many are you bringing to the party? A set of small vice grips, baling wire, a small crescent spanner, a meter of electrical wire, a strong alligator clip set, screwdriver, etc... fold up nicely in a little roll and will be snugs as bugs in rugs.

You can also put in an allen key that fits your bar end mirror to allow you to dismantle it and pull out a length of fuel line you have stored in your handlebars, and which contains a few bills of local currency, a fuse or two, etc.... and the everpresent nylon zip ties.

You can run a spare cable alongside the original (usefull for clutch cables especially).

You can also get a decent pouch that attachs with velcro strips to the handlebars and is strong black nylon from Whitehorse Press for around 15 bucks or so.

A spare masterlink makes an interesting zipper pull.

Tell us more about the ACE cafe!
Thanks for the replies everyone.

I'll have a look at the side panels ( although it looks like they might just fall out ). Does anyone know if the 850 under seat toll tray will fit the 750?

It was Norton / BSA day at the Ace Cafe with a good showing from the NOC, about 80 or so Nortons I'd say. Some interesting specials including from the Thames Valley branch, Chris Norton and his TR1TON = Yamaha TR1 V twin in a featherbed and an immaculate Trident in a featherbed. My favourites were just the well kept Commandos and Dommies though. I should get some pictures when the NOC Thames Valley branch newsletter arrives in about 3 weeks time, if anyones interested I'll forward it on.
I'd love to look at the pix. I just can't seem to get enough.

The tool tray will fit, however some of the electrics may be in the way.
The side cover works just fine.
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