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May 11, 2007
Does anybody know if resistor plugs/caps/wires are needed with a Pazon ignition? The whole purpose of resistance in those particular connections is a mystery to me so i can't really deduce whether they're needed with the Pazon. The only info that i can find is that Boyer needs 5K ohm resistors under threats of frying the Boyer and/or problems with electrical interference, but nobody says whether that's a limitation of just the Boyer or all electronic ignitions.
Originally, resistor caps were fitted for TV and radio interference suppression purposes, however using an unresisted ignition system can cause interference to the micro-processors now used in modern digital electronic systems.

The Boyer analogue Micro Mk3 system does not require HT suppression, unlike their two digital systems 'Micro-Digital' and 'Micro Power' which do (5 kOhm).

The Pazon Sure-Fire ignition I think is an analogue type, so may not require HT suppression, the Pazon Smart -Fire is digital and resistor caps are supplied with the Smart-Fire kits so presumably need to be used?

The Tri-Spark ignition is digital and HT suppression is required.

This does not just apply to digital ignitions as the Sparx electronic regulators (and mabe others?) also require HT suppressors to be fitted for them to function properly.

Why not ask Pazon? ... ode=update
Excellent, thanks LAB. Still waiting to hear back from Pazon but I'll post whatever they tell me in case anybody else wants to know.
One other question though - what would be the effect of using resistors on an ignition that doesn't require it? Degraded performance, or not so much?
I have always used resistor caps with my analogue Boyers over many years. A healthy ignition system should have no trouble coping with 5 kOhms suppression I think.
Magnetos don't like them but as this is a Commando forum, we shouldn't concern ourselves there :)
79x100 said:
Magnetos don't like them

I agree, resistors (caps/plugs/leads) shouldn't really be used with a magneto.
I asked the question of Pazon and they said the Sure-Fire didn't need resistor caps/plugs/leads and that they would add this info to their promo material and the info rec'd with the units.

I did not think of the Podtronics unit I fitted being affected! Does anyone know whether this is in fact the case? Again there was no indication in the material I got with the unit to say so. As I am just about to fire the bike up after two yrs work I'd hate to fry anything.
Hard to find non-resistor caps these days, at least around these parts :?

FWIW, I tried both resistor and non-resistor plugs and caps on my Royal Enfield Bullet (now sold) but noticed no difference in performance or starting.

I'd like to know about the PODtronics as well. That's what I want to use on my 850 (love the name!)

72 Semi-Combat
74 850, some assembly required
I have been using a PODtronics regulator/rectifier with a three phase lucas (180 watt) rotor and stator on my 850 Interstate "mule" for a couple years now. It has no resistor caps and copper core wires, but occasionally will run a set of resistor plugs. Even without the resistor plugs, I have seen no problems. The bike runs all week at Daytona Bike week with the halogen headlight on and rarely getting out of 3rd gear (22 tooth gearbox sprocket). YMMV.
Hi Jason,

The PM seems to have gotten lost in the ether. I'll make a brief non-Norton statement to mention I sold the little bike because of a new arrival - a 1970 Suzuki T500 two stroke. It was for sale locally at a good price and I couldn't resist. But that meant something had to go, and Chugley got the selection for rehoming.

This just in from Andy at Pazon:

"For plug leads, we always recommend copper (or steel) cored cable. This is the most reliable. We don’t advise using carbon fibre. The Sure Fire system can be run without any suppressors, as it is less sensitive to r.f.i. (radio frequency interference). However, we would still recommend using good quality 5k resistor plug caps (e.g. NGK or Champion) with the Sure Fire system. If you happen to have resistor spark plugs fitted, then you should use non-resistor plug caps, otherwise the total resistance would be too high (reducing spark energy)."

With the new question of whether Podtronics stuff is affected, I'm tending to lean toward the resistors...
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