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Feb 22, 2006
Hewho asks why i bought my '73 Commando, i must be a romantic, it brings back memories of my teen years in the 70's, when the kids old enough to have a license had all these powerful big jap bikes that were starting to become very popular and quite cheap, then one day one kid rolled up with a Norton, i fell in love straight away, with the bike i mean. All at once this kids reputation became greatly enhanced, if you believed the stories he could do anything, because this bike looked like a bike should, and she sounded sooo sweet.
How ever life being what it is i drifted in different directions and apparantly grew up and settled down, but the itch was always there just under the skin, so thirty years later, after following the well worn path of many who have gone before i decided it was time for a scratch.
I brought myself a '51 Ariel Red Hunter 350 single which i adored, but longed for something a bit more powerful, so after about twelve months i sold it, with the thought of buying a Square Four off a mate, at the same time the Norton came up, it wasn't an issue, not for me anyhow.
Good reason....

Sometimes it is really better to get up off the duff and do something you always wanted to before you just never get a chance to do it. Only live once, as they say.....enjoy it!

ps.....just about all of our stories ended up in that link I gave you.....if you wish to not have your story get lost in the shuffle of threads here in the forum...copy and paste it into that thread...only a suggestion, mind you, and although it may seem so...that thread is NOT my blog..: :wink: there are stories from many of us in there. :D
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