Jul 18, 2004
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I know there are a few posts on this subject, but I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on the virtues of going with a 410 on the front instead of the skinner 390. I am looking at Dunlop K81. Apparently the major reason for the skinny tire is to fit in the narrow fender. I am going to toss the one on there now anyway (PO chopped it) so that isn't as important as getting the best grip and feel.

What do you recommend? I am fairly aggressive rider, but the bike is new to me so I'm going to be a bit of a cautious rider anyway. Next season I will get the superglue out.:shock:


Be aware that not only the fender is narrower, but the fender stays as well. You will need both wider stays with the wide, stainless fender to clear the 4.10 tire. General opinion is that the smaller front tire gives quicker turn in and more nimble handling. If you are going to use K81's, the grip should be the same.
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That was a good link. A good link on master cylinders in the brake thread too.

I think I will stick with the 390 front, eventhough I am having trouble sourcing them locally.

New rubber just in time for the snow...:roll:

If it's a K81 you are looking for, it will be a 3.60H-19. Try Mike Partridge at Walridge Motors in Ontario.
The 3.60 will yield a better feel in corners. The 4.10 is a little clunky in the twisties. This info is from my Norton experiments in the mid 80s. If things have changed, my apologies.
I'm planning to buy some new tires. What do you guys use, I read the informations about super venoms and roadrunners. I was planning just to use super venoms, but now I don't know which ones to get.
Adding my two cents worth . I have a 75 850 and use 410 x 19 front and back .The tire of choice is the Dunlop K81 and they seem to do the job quite well.I have not tried anything else so i can't compare but i am comfortable with what is on there and that is what counts.
I use K81's on my Roadster and Interstate as they both have the stock 19 inch rims. They seem to handle fine. The cafe bike has an 18 inch rear and runs Dunlop K591's. These are OK, but if I were fitting new tires today, I'd probably go with the Avon Super Venom. I have a set of Avon AM22/AM23's on my Ducati beveldrive 900 that are sweet! If the Super Venom are anything similar I'd be pleased.
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I have run am22/23's for years on my bevel, cast mag wheels, and now use super venoms, a 100/120 combo, and they work as well or better as far as grip, and turn ins and transitions seem to be quicker.
Super Venoms, K-81's, Roadrunners are my choices in order. However they are all good. Equally important is matched sets, air pressure, chassis set up, wheel balance, truing, alignment etc.