Tires, TT100s...where to buy cheap Germany, UK

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Mar 19, 2005
Anyone have an affordable supplier of TT100s in Germany or the UK? My normal source seems to no longer stock them and the others suppliers have prices that are insane. Over 110 Euros (170 bucks) for a tire is just not acceptable. Old supplier used to get me for 70 inclusive Post costs. Save me please...burned up the last one in less than a year again... :wink:
Don't know just what is the difference, but one is marked EXAXTLY the same as the ones I have run on my bike for thirty years, and the other is marked differently.

Dunlop 4.10-19 61H TT K 81/TT100 M/C


Dunlop 100/90-19 57H TT TT 100 GP G M/C

Mine, on my bike are marked the same as the upper one, and that is what I would buy...just what the bottom one is, and what all the markings mean, can't say, we can see the tread pattern is the same, but maybe someone will explain the difference...please...
TT100's are good but nowadays there is better rubber available, I use Avon Roadriders, you can get a pair for around £110 in the UK! :)
Thanks Gino,
We have had a number of threads on this, and I'm sure the Avons are just the cat's meow... but I've had the Dunlops on my bike for thirty years, and aside from that, I have enough trouble affording the one tire, never mind two at a time. Maybe in the future I will try them, but not now. Unlike some of you out there, I have to get by on perhaps a tire and chain in a years' time. My beloved Dunstall motor sits and waits too, for me to find a job that pays more than 4 dollars an hour. Talk of restorations of ten thousand and more...makes me wonder what it is like to have this kind of cash and what kind of job you would have to have to be able to fund something like that. Another world, so to speak. Just filling the tank, breaks my interest injoy riding for the month. But all this crap aside...I'm happy and I consider myself lucky, the way things are going here, just to say I've not had to sell the bike so far just to pay for life here in Schnitzelland. :wink:

So... one Dunlop it is!

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