tire pressure advice

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May 20, 2006
1975 MKIII. I want to get an idea what to run in the tires. Just got the bike and want to be sure for a safe maiden voyage! They're 3.25 ribbed(f) and 4.10 tt100(r). Will be changing to Avon S.V. rubber later this summer. Thanks all!
Depends on your weight and passenger if any but I'd start at 24F, 24R and go up from there if you're 160-200lbs say. The manual says 22/24 for original K81/TT100 4.10x19. That's too low for AM18, 20/21 but might be OK for your fitments. The 3.25 front would need a couple of pounds more than a 4.10 anyway.
190lbs, single passenger. I called BCS since they're close to me and they advised starting at 26f, 24r. I'll give it a try and adjust from there. Also said the TT100 shouldn't really be paired with anything but another TT100. Good thing new rubber is on the horizon. Thanks!
Not open for further replies.