Tiny electrical miracles

May 11, 2007
Not sure if anyone else has tried these already, but if you suck at soldering and die a little inside every time you have to chop off another .5" of wire after botching a crimp job (like me) I highly recommend giving Posi-locks a shot. I tried a few after reading this review (http://www.webbikeworld.com/Reviewed-mo ... posi-lock/) and I'm now using them for every connection I possibly can. Seems like they were practically invented for our old shaky bikes. I'd banish every last bullet connector on my bike to the 9th circle of Norton hell and replace each with one of these if they were a bit cheaper, but at least they're reusable... Couldn't find any at the local auto parts stores, but I did manage to find some in Walmart of all places. Go figure.
And I swear I don't work for the company! Just excited to finally find something to slightly ease the pain of electrical work.