Timing cover installation

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Dec 19, 2004
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Had been experiencing wet sumping to a degree, so, decided to check oil pump. During removal of the timing cover I noticed the cam seal was somewhat chewed up, I assume it had been damaged during the previous installation. If I remember correctly there is some sort of cone shaped tool to help ease the seal over the end of the cam anyone know what this is or where one could be had? I have also heard from someone that the proper sized socket can be inserted into the seal to hold it open as the cover is pushed on, anybody ever try that? Lastly, I was wondering if there was any reason why the end of the cam had to be so sharp. I mean as long as the lip of the seal is not too close to the end of the cam whats to stop someone from putting a little chamfer on the end of the cam ?

thanks, GB
I suppose the socket trick would work if you could find one that was just the right size. I would recommend purchasing the seal guide tool though. They're not expensive and any Norton parts dealer could supply one.

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