Throttle Slides

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Hey Folks,

I just received two new throttle slides and have a question about the sizes. The previous ones I had installed had the numbers 928 3 MB2 stamped on them. I know that the numbers 928 and 3 relate to the size of the carb but what does MB2 stand for? The reason I ask is that my two new ones each have a different number, MB3 and MB4 stamped on them. I'm a little concerned about this since the number do not match. Any help on this topic would be appreciated.

I would be guessing that the numbers that are making you wonder are casting lot numbers. They are used for quality control at the plant were they ar produced. If you want to know if you have a matched set simply trace the cutaway portion of the slide on to a piece of paper using known referance points like the top of the piece of paper flush with the top of the slide and the edge that is 90 degrees to the top starting at the back edge of the key on the side. Then lay the tracing onto the other side and check to see that they are the same cutaway. If you are trying to built a matched set of 928 you have a lot more to worry about. You need brass needles with viton tips , matched float hieghts, gaskets Fresh needles and needle jets and a very clean piolt curciut. You may need to check your banjo bolts to see that the cross hole is 3/16 and the core hole is 5/16 and they have the right amout of thread some need two threads removed from the lenghth. Make it so. norbsa
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