throttle cable lube?

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May 4, 2006
i am awaiting the return of my re-sleeved carbs and wondering if anyone has used a dry lube for cable lube. i have a spray that i use on bearings in my woodshop, seems to lube without any dust sticking? any suggestions always appreciated. hope all are having a good summer/winter and great riding! thanks, jerome
Perhaps dumb question...but how ya gonna get it in there? Not like there is much of an opening to shoot the stuff into. Maybe you have an idea that hasn't occurred to me yet... but I don't see how it could be used to lube a cable :?
hewho, have not thought it completely through except that my cables are not connected to carbs so the housing seems to slide around enough to get some lube in there, so i guess what i was looking for was what do people use and how? i am all ears. thanks, jerome
Some time when there's nothing better to do... Read the label on a can of spray silicone... There you will learn that it is in fact a dry lube. They lube is carried by the propellant. You must shake the can very hard before using it. The liquid evaporates sometime later.Since about 1970 a rubber lined clamp has been on the market to solve the problem of how to get it in the cable.
Yeah, Motion Pro makes a little cable lubing device that works a treat. $10 tops. Just a little clamping doohickey you clamp over the cable and squirt aerosol lube in through one of those "thin straw" extensions like on a WD40 or chain wax spray can. Good investment.
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