Those &^*( Rear brake light switches

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May 22, 2004
After losing yet another rear brake light switch ~ I reckon I have built a better mouse trap..

It has taken no more than an hour and while I have yet to actually fit it up I know it is going to work !

It is only because I want to spray the mount block that I have not finished off this project.

The reason being that this week we have been bracing oursleves for Cyclone Ingrid and now as 'she' has crossed land fall, we are subject to torrential rain, and as most will know high humidity is not good for spray painting acrylic. ... pic_id=294

(When I have mounted it I will send a combo Dige shot to Jerry to post .. )
rear brake switch

Hey Stuart,

I clicked on the website and was denied access.
good idea...but will it hold up to a good wash/rainstorm? The old Lucas thing has a rubber cover at least, or have you thought of this and made some cover/waterproofing? Idea a good one. There must be some waterproof switch out there that can be modified.
These switches are not only water proof but oil proof. They are made for industrial use. They get put on machines that use coolants 24-7. norbsa
illf8ed ~ Could be something to do my cookies ~
Try this then ..

You can go to Galleries.. Nortons..

Or forums .. Norton electrical

Well the Switch is fitted up , and sits very nicely.

I have indeed thoguht about water factor.. that is the coment I made about partially sealing the switch ont he top .. but NOT to endeavour seal it as sealing it WILL lead to problems too .

At the price we have to pay for the genuine switch compared to 'scoring' a freebie ~ or the price paid in an electronics shop ~ I reckon I am already WAY ahead..

norbsa48503 ~ Agreed there are afew options available ~ but I figure this has to be better deal to road test as it were and it looks quite tidy to boot..

There is a catch with this style of micro switch ~ that is that there is very little "tolerance " or free play.

So I have to be conscious of the fact that if I apply any foot pressure to the brake pedal even in just cruising , the switch activates.

While this is no big problem ~ I figure that there are similar micro switches availbale with a bi-metal 'strip' / spring. (Sort of a U clip, this would give a better amount of tolerance or free play, before being activated.)

With this in mind I will persevere till I go to Cairns and check out the local Tandy or Dick Smith electronics store/s.

The second picky is a tad lack lustre, but here you go .. ... pic_id=297

Oh PS ~ still raining up here ~ even if "Ingrid" is now in the Indian Ocean ~

OH guess what ~ we have another one developing; 300 clicks NE of Cook-town!!!!
De ja vue!
The site woudn't let me in can you post your pics on a public host so we can see the thing? britfree pics like I used above will work. norbsa
Sorry blokes.. I 'spoke' with the moderators on site and advised me that there has been a bit of glitch with browsing..

I posted the shot to jerry .. maybe he can post it for me..

The switch has worked out just fine on road testing .. as stated I have to conscious that there is little free play on the pedal action, but thats not a problem.
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