Them thar Colarado boyz are smooth~

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Their bikes look even better in real life. Best workmanship I've ever seen. 8)

Debby that would be one of life's great moments I am sure..

I figure my Commando looks pretty tidy even after all these years since it was rebuilt ~ but these blokes sure have some charisma for sure ~
Absolutely awesome, does anyone know a ball park figure for one of these C.N.W. creations.

I know they would all vary in price considerably, I was just curious.

I had my Commando part restored by a dick head on the Sunshine coast way back in 1993 (all because his triples and T120 featured in Australasian Classic bike ) and that cost me <$20K>

Yes a long & tedious story ~ and then I had to rebuild the gearbox 6 months later ~ and (cannot recall his name now~ the boss of the former Village Norton in Logan); said he saw mine prior to delivery and was impressed BUT could NOT see the money `~ Also mentioned that the bloke had been sniffing around his premises asking questions about AMC gearboxes !!

And I figure as good as mine is I don't think it compares to these beauties ~
They sure are gorgeous bikes! They just ooze quality. Their products are very good and they are good to deal with. My headlight brackets (ears in the US?) were rusted beyond redemption and CNW alloy ones were not much more than replacement originals from Andover. Great choice! Beautifully made - top quality. I recently ordered the small filter for the oil tank vent - recieved a reply email from Matt Rambow at CNW advising that I cancel the order as the shipping cost more than the part and advising me where I might find the same paret locally!!!!! When was the last time you got that sort of service?
Gee Stuart,

$20k is a lota dosh, especially back in 1993, no wonder you've got the poohs, it would be traumatic for any one.

He will get his, when the time comes for him to visit the big Norton factory in the sky, let's hope he ends up having to replace Swing Arm Spindles or Rear Isolastics.

Regards Mike.
Mike there IS a high side.. (no motorcycling pun intended therein !!) the gearbox issue proved just how great traders the Norvil shop and Les Emery are/ were !!

"His" retort ~ The pro builder..~ "OH that's the Achilles heal of the Norton!!"
Les Emery's retort; "Really we run essentially the standard AMC gearbox in our race bikes!! (90 BHP) !!

I know I have absolutely NO chance of ever recouping my money!!

I wanted to put the clangers on the job but my partner of the day was adamant that I started"this" ~ and it would go through to the end..

The isolastics were replaced with SS verniers and the bushes as well ~ BUT the plik by passed the inner rear hub bearing ~ ignored the low tension leads ~

He organised the carbs to be SS inserted then left the rest of the carbs and when I primed them the fuel would run out between the body and the fuel bowls joint!!!!!!!!! :shock:

He ran the main wiring loom OVER the frame tube above the battery and when the seat was fitted the seat crushed down onto the wiring!!
mike mcmanus said:
Absolutely awesome, does anyone know a ball park figure for one of these C.N.W. creations.

I know they would all vary in price considerably, I was just curious.


Ballpark figure is $22,000 plus a donor bike. Sounds steep, but if you have ever done a complete restoration, it's not that far off. You would never come close to recovering your investment though.

I don't care for the custom Harley wannabe models with the lowered suspension, drag bars, small tank logo, and painted fenders. The Brembo setup is nice, but too much chrome.

The workmanship is very good, but that is not exclusive to CNW.
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