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Sep 27, 2005
does anyone know of an available source for the tiny idiot light bulbs in a MKIII console? Saw some very similar LEDs at Radio Shack, but will have to solder spades on the connector ends & me & solder don't get along well. Found the taillight leds at walmart. Trying to finish off my electrical & test before the motor gets ready. Going stock so me & the real mechanic don't have too many"artistic differences.
Many thanks to those I pestered with email or im's. New to forums.
Here is a link to some pics of where I am in the process. ... rt_order=0
link seems like it worked
Quite a chopper there.....wouldn't be able to build such a thing here...the folks at the inspection would go bananas........

I'm sure someone will know where to get the bulbs....I can't be of much help...but wish you lots of fun with the Commando!!!
These were sold as complete units from Norton. Haven't been available for a long time. The lenses have been re-popped, but with no bulb. I used some "grain of wheat" bulbs and tiny sockets from Radio Shack, but I can't give you a dimension or part number. It's been too many years. New lenses are available from Old Britts. Fred may be able to help on the bulbs, sockets, and leads.

inspections!! Scarier thougth than the front brake on the chopper. thanks for the input guys.

I recall seeing replacements in either the RGM or Norvil catalog. They may use leds vs. bulbs. Check with them before you order, both suppliers have been very helpful to me.

Thanks scooter. RGM is who online? Keep seeing hte name but not sure if I have found them. Tried andover( British Regal) NA & Old Britts lists as what looks like the lens. My original lenses are good & found some NOS for some of the colors, just no bulbs yet.
Here's the home page but they don't have an online catalog,

Yes they do! Sixth item down on the list on the left side of the 'about us' page. Although they don't list everything, it is 'catalogue' in UK english.

If they are still the same type as they sold me sometime ago they are just single LED bulbs and not very bright, and there's no lens just the tiny coloured LED, also the flasher warning would only work either for the left or right circuit depending which way it was wired as they are polarity sensitive, when I mentioned this to them they didn't seem bothered. I did not use them for long as they couldn't be seen in sunlight, I fitted the type sold by Mick Hemmings that are the same small diameter type but have no chrome surround but at least they show up better.
Norvil sells the type that were fitted to Triumphs and are a larger diameter.
Your right, they must have updated it since I ordered the catalogue a year ago.
Does appear that the online version is abreviated from the printed one though.

I, too, have a MKIII. I seem to remember buying those dashlight bulbs from Raber's Parts Mart in San Jose, Cal.


Rabers did have them. & a couple of other things.
Thanks again
all who gave input

Ron, LAB & Hewho,
Did not mean to ignore you guys in my earlier thanks. LAB helped steer me with the polarity/brightness issue. Ron & Hewho have either given direct advice or had earlier posts which (I read) & were helpful. Don't want to clutter the forum with examples of my ignorance, but hoping to learn, avoid costly mistakes & maybe get answers that also help others.
I am (so far) keeping pos. grnd system. I have a solid state warning light control unit(Old Britts) & was also wondering about polarity/LED issues.
Picked up an 1157 LED at wally world($7) for the tail light & had considered LEDs in the blinkers downline. Polarity issue still there with solid state control unit? Does the control replace the capacitor looking 3 prong, spring mounted flasher unit? THe latter was mounted on the bike when I got it with no sign of the solid state or mechanical version control unit. Had some obvious elct issues previous & assume the blinker pot was replacement.
Think I already know this one, but, the condensers mounted between the coils do not apply when running a Boyer do they?
As the cro magnon sat fascinated with lights in the night sky; so is my wonder at how Lucas "keeps the smoke inside"
Don't want to clutter the forum with examples of my ignorance
It has been said before but; "the only stupid question is the one that you don't ask"

Polarity issue still there with solid state control unit?
If you mean the warning light control unit then all it does is sense the output from the alternator and switch off the warning light at a certain output. I believe there are (were?) two types of solid state warning light control, the original type fitted to Canadian models also switched the headlamp ON once the engine started.

Does the control replace the capacitor looking 3 prong, spring mounted flasher unit?
This sounds like the early type warning light control unit (if it is then you don't need both) mounted above the carbs OR are you referring to the 2MC ignition capacitor fitted on the frame plate next to the rectifier that allows the bike to run without a battery?

As LED blinker (flasher) bulbs are likely to use less Amps than standard bulbs there may not be enough to trigger the original electro-mechanical flasher unit properly?

Think I already know this one, but, the condensers mounted between the coils do not apply when running a Boyer do they?

That is correct.
LED Turn Signal Flasher

Hello All,

That is correct, the LEDs will not draw enough current to activate the mechanical flasher mechanism. I personally made LED Replacement Boards for the Lucas turn signal assemblies sold under the Bulbsthatlast4ever name.

Replacement of the flasher unit to operate the LEDs is required. Otherwise you will have to add a load stabilizer, which will make the mechanical flasher function. By doing this you defeated the purpose of using the LEDs in the first place, low current draw. :?

I personally designed 2 different electronic flasher units. The first one would work fine on some bikes and while with others it was a timing light, blinked at the same rate as the engine speed. My second attempt was a lot more stable, however it did not offer the flexibility for use with either grounding systems. :wink:

I have been working on developing a universal varible rate LED flasher and LED taillight modulator. This unit will have the capability to be used as either a varible rate LED turn signal flasher or as a LED taillight modulator. I currently have 2 prototypes employed on 2 of my bikes under development as the LED Taillight Modulators.

I still to make a few more design changes to included the LED Turn Signal functions. It maybe awhile before I will release this to the public.

Let me know what you all think about this concept. :idea:

Thank You,
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