Tank to Seat "fit"

Mar 8, 2007

I'm new to the list, but have had my 72 Commando for ages...

I'm in the midst of a complete rebuild of my 72 Combat Commando (matching everything) - it's back from the frame painter next week - and I've come upon a question I can't answer - how to set it up for riding when done.

This Norton started life set up as an Interstate (I think), w/ the typical long seat. I really like the overall look of the Colorado Norton restorations I have seen (single seat - Corbin?) and low ride... Can anyone tell me what's involved in that from a customizing perspective? Do they chop the frame? Is the tank/seat fit done by just getting the right tank/seat combo? My original seat is almost a foot longer than the Corbin gunslinger according to their specs online (seems like too much to lose w/o something being wierd.

BTW - this is off topic, but I had a chance to ride in Nevada's Valley of Fire State Part last weekend (I'm actually a Boston'er) on a very trick metric uber-bike - if you EVER have a chance to ride there, GO - you will not be disappointed...


Hello 72norton,

I can't say for definite about any custom seat fittings, but the difference between the Roadster and Interstate tank/seat combination is the positioning of the seat brackets. As the Roadster seat isn't really that much shorter than the Intestate one, it just mounts further forward to butt up against the shorter Roadster tank.
So theoretically it should be possible to move seat brackets, and the Corbin seats could be available to match either tank style?

You said that it probably started out as an Interstate?

But what is it now (which tank are you trying to match the seat to)?

CNW lowered bikes - as far as i know no frame mods, the low ride is just suspension work.
You pay the price with reduced suspension travel, reduced cornering clearance and no centrestand - ok if you are planning to use as a cruiser only i suppose. Beautiful to look at though.
The Corbin seat should just fit. I have the interstate version of the gunfighter and the fit is so so on that.
CNW does NOT change the frame. If you want to use Corbin, must get the one for your tank application, either roadster or interstate.

Which tank are you using?

For the most part, the front part of a roadster seat is worthless, Has a hump in the seat base and very little padding. A good option for a interstate tank is to use a roadster seat cut back a few inches, reshaped foam padding to fit your desires, and recovered. Eliminates that loooong seat look. Not good for two up riding, but plenting big for solo. I used one this way for many years with a luggage rack behind the seat and a buddy pad to mount on the luggage rack for two-up.

The roadster & interstate seats are similar but the interstate is further back onto the rear mudguard due to the larger interstate tank.

The corbin seat either 'smuggler or gunfighter' only fits the smaller roadster tank. There is a bracket to fit behind the frames single main tube by the rear mudguard.


All the information on the two seats plus how to fit is on the website.
If you want to lower the bike, CNW does in fact lower thiers by using shorter fork tubes and repositioning the rear shock brackets on the frame because they are using shorter rear shocks. They do have an option of 1", 2" or 3" lowering positions.

I thought about doing it but didn't want to get that crazy or spend the cash to mod the rear shock mounts. Some of their bikes are chopped at the rear frame loop to make it shorter. That mod I probably will do once I get the frame powdercoated next winter.