Tank painting service on eBay

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Anyone have any experience :?: :?:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayI ... S%3AUS%3A1

The works looks very professional, and I think the price is decent.

... and Laquer is downright illegal here in the Governator's state. Some folks take the 2 hour drive over the border to Nevada to buy it 8)

The missus bought me a 27gal upright compressor for my birthday 8) , but the paint adds up to over $250.
Lacquer paints


Lacquer is old school and not necessary anymore. Modern urethane goes down thicker so you don't have to apply so many coats and flows very even if mixed properly. Most recently I did my '61 ES2 gas tank in Jaguar Platinum Silver with clear coat. When the clear coat was dry I sanded with 1000 dry wet then buffed with a 7 inch rag wheel using tripoli first and white rouge to finish. I got a perfectly smooth finish that would have taken weeks to do in lacquer and it won't start crazing in a year like lacquer aways does.

I've seen the ads on e-bay also, but have not seen the work personally.
Bike painting

I had already 2 bikes painted by Young Pon (rpon@earthlink.net) and I really happy with his jobs (a Commando and my wife'fazer): the paint is deep and "rich" and I do not think its a lacquer, as I did not have to repolish it in a year, I think it is a modern paint with 2 components.
Contact Young: his prices are ok and turn around very fast!
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