Synthetic oil

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Jerry Doe

May 21, 2003
I saw mention of someone using synthetic oil in a thread here.

Does anyone use synthetic oil? If so what kind and weight, and why do you use it :?:

It seems to work well in my Triumph ST so I was thinking about trying Mobile 1 in my Commando, but not without checking here first.

Gerry Bristow, resident "oil expert" of the Norton Owners Club UK has used Mobil 1 synthetic oil for some years, and has written various articles on the subject of oils.
You can read one here, more information is available to members of the NOC UK.
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You would have to argue that one out with Gerry!
All I know is that he has been using Mobil 1 now for some time and hasn't experienced any problems that I am aware of.
I did use Mobil 1 in my Commando for a while but went back to 50W as I found the Mobil 1 drained down rather quickly if the bike wasn't used. I may change back to synthetic in the future.
There seems to have been discussions going on now for some years about which oil type (mono/multigrade/synth. multi.) is best, personally I am yet to be convinced that there is that much difference either way!

Re: previous post; sorry I forgot to log in!
15w50 Mobil 1

HI Jerry,

I'm currently using this oil and have been for the last two years. Prior to that I used Redline 20w50. I agree that the thinner oil seems to wet sump quicker. As Norton Villiers recommended 20w50 I would think that viscosity will not hurt the Commando. The reason for switching to Mobil 1 is cost. The Redline is $8 a quart, Mobil 1 is $4.50. Several years ago I also had good performance with Kendall 20w50 as it was recommended by some Porshe owners who said Castrol GTX caused piston rings to seize in their piston grooves.

Just don't use 5w30 as one of our club members did at the end of 2003. After a few fast runs he blew all the oil out and ended up ruining his 850 engine.
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