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Dec 8, 2008
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Hi , can anyone help - I am having trouble with the switchgear on my 1974 Mk2A UK Spec . now I have always known my bike to have a kill switch on the R/H handlebar (Red Button) the question is that every wiring diagram that I look at has the Horn/Headlamp Flasher/High and Low beam on the R/H and the L/H to have indicators/kill switch and one spare where I think it should have the indicators but also the headlamp flasher and horn.

Cheers Ken Graham.
left or right

Cheers GrandPaul, thats the way I was thinking the diagram was making me think otherwise.Ken.
My 1970 and on - shop manual describes the kill switch to be on the bottom left cluster. The manual was printed in 1972. As I recall there was no red switch until 73 or 74. Maybe this was changed around the time the shifter/brake was being conformed left for right.
confusion left or right

I think you must be looking at the same diagram as me ! confusing . anyone has more info please post. Cheers Ken.
I just participated in a thread on this on the INOA list. It seems some of the '72 models (and maybe '71) had the switches reversed.

The workshop manual that covers 750-850 (published in 1973) shows the kill button on the left handlebar in both the 1971 and the 1972-73 diagram. However, the rider manual for 1973 shows the kill button on the right side. as does the 1974 rider manual. The 1972 rider manual shows the kill button on the left. I don't have a '71 rider manual.

That being said, I have never seen a '71 or '72 with the kill on the left. I believe most dealers set them up on the right (at least here in the 'states). It's easy enough to swap the switchgear.

One respondent on the INOA list relayed that his '72 was delivered to him in England with the kill on the left and it was BLACK rather than red!!

Go figure!
left right !

Cheers , thanks for that - it would appear there are both variants about so I think I will stick to what I know best and put the kill on the r/h.
I'm the guy with the '72 from the INOA list that Ron was talking about. Never saw a red kill button until the 1973 model year.

But it is a very good idea. I think I will do a little red paint job on mine or at least label it in some way. Sometimes when I want to beep at some high school honey I end up hitting the kill button instead. This causes a nice backfire when it is released. Kind of the opposite of being cool!

1. Backfires can be fun, exciting, and dangerous for engine parts

2. Just replace the Black button or flip-switch with a Red one. I'm sure you've got a buddy (Ron) with a spare laying about; they are easy to swap, just a phillips screwdriver...
I would think it makes sense to have the kill switch at the throttle hand.

My '73 has a black button, but I can't say if it's original, as I've had the bike less than a year.

I've noticed many early to mid '70s vintage Triumphs with the red button, but have only seen a few Nortons with them.
I prefer the right hand as well. As this is the front brake hand that does 80% of the stopping on the bike we already have a built in intuition for anything related to stopping. This requires less OSP (organic signal processing) in the central computer (brain).
When you get ready to replace that button, drop me a PM. GrandPaul's right, I've got a bag full of parts from these switches.
My '73 has a black button, but I can't say if it's original, as I've had the bike less than a year.

Both of my '73 750's (11/72 build dates on both) have red buttons. Not that it proves anything.
My 72 Combat has the kill button on the left in black like Batrider's. Maybe we should start our own web site!
Red buttons

Well that makes my mind up guys ! the red button is staying on the r/h side , just for the record my mk2a is a 1974 first registered in 2006 mmm that takes a bit to figure out . Cheers Guy's Merry Christmas and many happy Norton miles in the new year. Ken Graham - Gambrino Glasgow.
Hi Ken

I have a 1974 2A registered in 76 and the kill switch is red and bottom right. 8)
correct way round

Hi Paul , I don't know why all the manuals have it the wrong way round(kill on the left ! ) but my red kill is most definately staying on the right.
Thanks for the post.
Cheers Ken Graham - Glasgow.
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