Swing arm removal for the faint of heart.....

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Dec 19, 2005
I have never removed the rear swing arm but I want to attempt the removal and replacement of the spindle and bushes.....I know they need replacing but not sure I can handle the job. is there anything special I should watch out for and are there any special tools I might need? i can do most normal repairs, just never had this component out. I like learning more about my Commando by doing my own maintenance, but don't want to make a serious mistake that could end in a bad way. should I go for it?
OR should I just have my mechanic do it?
Go for it!! Removal is pretty straightforward. Fred Eaton at Old Britts has some nice tips and photos on his web site regarding the fashioning of a puller for the spindle.

While you are at it, I recommend doing one or other of the swingarm modifications to make the swingarm stiffer. This seems to be a pretty standard Commando mod. I installed the Heinz Kegler fix and it made a huge improvement in the rigidity of my MkIIa swingarm.

Mail me offlist if you want some more details

Good luck!

fastback said:
Check out the pics I posted on installing the swingarm lockrings.



Phil, that bike looks clean enough to eat off of. How is the Sparx system working out for you? I am ordering the whole enchilada from CNW as well as new ignition.

Regarding those swingarm lock rings, is that an upgrade for pre MKIII bikes?

Ha ha - yes the bike was that clean... then I started to ride it!

Yes, the lockrings are for the earlier swingarm.

I have had no problems with the Sparks system or electircal gremlins - knock on wood. I am running a very small battery (12V 3AH sealed) see picture below, and occasionally, if I am riding (or should I say idling...) in the city too much, it will need a top up after a couple of weeks, if I get a decent ride here or there I don't need to. I am running a Neolite H4 headlamp, no problems.

Swing arm removal for the faint of heart.....

Good luck!
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