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Apr 5, 2006
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Hi everyone

I currently have my swinging arm off my 850 Mk2A due to sloppy bushes. I have got new standard size spindle & bushes to install, I should probably have got the oversize spindle but as I have only got simple tools and no expanding reamer I was hoping all would be OK, but there is just a hint of movement on the spindle loosely pushed in the tube before I nip up the top bolt.

I was wondering if anyone knows if the parts for Heinz Kegler clamp mod can be sourced in the UK, and if so where/who, as this would solve the problem nice and simply once and for all.

Here's hoping!
Hi Alan,
I recently did the same thing on my MK2a. Using standard size spindle and new bushes. Mine was a good fit in the "tube" but I was told I could use some stock shim to take up any clearance with. I'm not sure if that's a good recommendation but depending on situation (access of tooling) it might be one way to fix it if.
I also did fit Heinz kit but I had to order it from the U.S.

Per G said:
....I also did fit Heinz kit but I had to order it from the U.S.

Thanks Per, who did you order it from in the States, did it take long to get it sent over?

Heinz sells them directly. I contacted him via email, got a prompt response, sent him a money order ($75 I think) - he doesn't do PayPal - and received the part in just a couple days.

I can dig out his email address if you need it.
That's how I got in touch with him!

Forgot to mention that I had wobbel (spelling?) problems, especially with sidewind until I fixed the swing, now it's solid :D
(actually it's super solid now, sits on a box waiting for the gearbox to be assembled after a layshaft bearing failure last week)

Thanks everyone, I have just pinged him an email so I will await to see if I get a response and let you know what the upshot is.

Heinz's mod is certainly the easiest, but if communication or shipping proves difficult, most industrial supply houses can sell you a couple of alloy steel two piece shaft collars. Drill and tap one half of the shell for a hardened bolt and then drill the spindle tube. Bolt the collar around the tube and tighten the hardened bolt against the spindle. Use a locknut to lock it against the clamp. You might also grind a little flat on the clamp before drilling and tapping to provide a good locking surface.
Don't get too long of a bolt as it must clear the swingarm.
Hi everyone. Just an update on the Heinz Kegler collars as promised. Sent Heinz the dosh from this side of the pond and a week later I get an email confirming receipt and he has sent the collars off same day. A week or so later they are in my sticky mitts :D

Fitted them this weekend. Installation was straight forward, made easier as the swinging arm was off anyway, even tho' instructions said it could be done with spindle in :shock:

Now everything back together, and swinging arm is as tight as a badger's wotsit. Brilliant !

Thanks everyone, Alan
Years ago I saw one fitted with what looked like "U" bolt exhaust or lifting wire clamps (bulldog clamps I think). They crushed the sleeve onto the pin, the owner said it did the job. I wondered how the hell he would ever pull it apart.

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