Superblends VS Ball Rollers

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Mar 14, 2008
Need some feedback on anyone who has installed a timing side ball roller on the crank in place of the Superblend. I see where some vendors are selling these as an option and some restorers are using them in their rebuilds. Are they safe to use in an engine for a street going bike that will be ridden hard for long periods?
How many miles are to be expected on these compared to the superblends.

Were not the Superblends installed due to ball roller failure?
Is there any good reason to use them and not the Superblends?
If price is no object, which would be the preference?

Please--no BS here---just good solid facts.

Thanks for any good suggestions you may provide.
From what I know, superblends were put in because of crank flex. The superblends have a slight curve to the rollers which eliminates the roller bearings from seizing in their races. The drive side was always a roller bearing and the timing side used to be a ball bearing. Superblends are just better, why not use them?

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