super venom rear tire?

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May 4, 2006
hello and happy spring, does anyone know where to find an avon super venom rear tire 100/90 V19. my front roadrunner still has another season and i liked the combo. my source no longer has them? are they still in production? thanks, jerome
Avon has dropped the 19 inch AM18 and replaced them with the AM26 RoadRider.
When I was looking for Avons (went with Bridgestone Battlaxe) there was a bunch of online tire places still had the AM18 in stock.
Another spring and I have had to seek new shoes for my bike. I have just found out that the AM18s are no longer in production and just ordered a pair of the AM26s. I liked the AM18 a lot and hopefully the 26 will be as satisfying. One thing is still nice about them is the price, $77 each including shipping!
Tyre prices

Thats a fabulous price!
I brought two pairs last year from a dealer / friend for 53 quid each & collected them! & I was chuffed!
Thats $106 each collected from the dealer & made in England.
Beggars belief that they can be so cheap your side of the pond.
all the best
I, too, have noticed price sometimes being higher in the country of origin. I recall when I bought my BMW R1100R I had a friend in Germany check on price for me. It was almost $1000 higher there than here in the U.S. I really wanted to go to Germany and pick up the bike. Bought it here in the U.S. and haven't got to Germany, yet. Riding in Europe is definitely on my bucket list.
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